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iOS and NonStop is in our DNA

Diederick de Buck, engineer

Diederick is founder of eSolutions Systems . Diederick is a computer geek at heart, and continues to contribute directly to the products as a software engineer, most recently working on the SEOanalytics application.
diederick de buck

Patrick Joosten, graphical designer

Making pixels is easy. They’re just little squares of screen that look one color or the other. Now, figuring out where they need to go, that’s the hard part. More important still is knowing where they shouldn’t go.
patrick joosten

Jan Uildriks, engineer

If you ask Jan where he’s from he will most likely tell you Groningen, despite not having lived there since he was 24. After studying computer science in Groningen he found himself qualified for a long and successful career in windsurfing. Fortunately he also is pretty adept at fixing stuff.
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